How Long Will it Take?

8 Modules | 25 Lessons

3 mins to 30 mins per lesson

You can breeze through the course by just watching the presentations and draw on the written work when you’re ready. Or you can dive deep into each and every topic. 

You can also cherry pick the topics that are of interest to you.

What’s the Course Like?

The course includes readings, videos and webcasts, case studies, conformity assessment review, (voluntary) homework assignments (!), and a chance to self-test your knowledge. Further readings and links will also be cited for those who wish to explore further topics. You’re not forced to labour through topics that you don’t need a brush up on!

Who’s it For?

The course is suitable for:

  • Event professionals with sustainability competencies who wish to know how to implement ISO 20121.
  • Auditors of management systems such as 14001 and 9001, who wish to be able to contextualize the various requirements within the event industry setting, for the benefit of effective audits.

 What’s in the Course?

The course is divided into sections with mirror the various clauses and sections of the standard. Namely:

Module 1

  • What is ISO 20121?
  • Who can implement ISO 20121?
  • What are the steps?

Module 2

  • Organisational Context
  • Scope
  • Establishing the system

Module 3

  • Sustainable Development Principles
  • Commitment and Leadership
  • Resources
  • Policy

Module 4

  • Competency
  • Awareness
  • Delegation

Module 5

  • Stakeholders
  • Communication

Module 6

  • Issues Identification
  • Legal and Other Requirements
  • Objectives and Targets

Module 7

  • Operational Control
  • Supply Chain Management

Module 8

  • Documented Information
  • Performance Against Principles
  • Measurement
  • Review
  • Improvement

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